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“mind the mess, I’m under some construction”

It’s somewhat obvious (to me anyway) that my life is not exactly where I imagined it would be at this point in the game. I do not necessarily enjoy my job, nor is it ideal to be living at my moms house, especially without a car.  However, most  days, I am okay with this. In this economy, I am grateful to have a job. Two jobs, in fact, that provide me with just enough income to pay the bills and maybe leave me with a little extra to spoil myself with a manicure here and there. And I’m lucky to have a mom that will gladly accept me into her home in Wilmette while I attempt to save some money and get back on my feet. I’ve got friends, family, my health, and a couple of (crappy) jobs.

Today was not one of those days. I was not okay with any of this. Work sucked. I spent most of my day with a cat  keeping me company at the front desk  as I dealt with crazy clients picking up Prozac for their animals, making last minute boarding reservations for their pets because they “forgot about a wedding they had this weekend” (who forgets about a wedding??), and clients calling to schedule appointments– and then putting me on hold while they check their calendars. Oh yeah, and please feel free to arrive to your scheduled appointment whenever you’d like because appointments are really suggested times to arrive. Actually, don’t even bother making an appointment. Just show up unannounced because we love surprises and we have nothing else to do but wait for your arrival. To make things even better, my mom drove me to work in the morning, and my sister picked me up in her “muggle vehicle” because I don’t have my own set of wheels. Today was really, truly a great day.

It’s days like this when I need affirmation from others that it actually IS okay that things are still totally and utterly up-in-the-air with my life. If you find yourself in my shoes, do me a favor and listen to this song. I am pretty sure Gwen wrote it after a break-up, but I think it works just as well in other my-life-is-a-mess situations. I promise, it will make you feel better if you, too feel like your life is under a little construction right now. And if nothing else, have a glass of red wine and trust that things will get better with some time. (note: the song is unreleased b-side, so the “video” on youtube is not an actual music video, but rather a fan-made visual for the song)

BTW, this is who I spent my day with

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