jenny b, newbie.

They always say the first day is the hardest… and they were right. Today was pretty much jam-packed with information overload, whirlwind introductions, and over-analyzing pretty much, well, everything. Am I taking enough notes? Am I over dressed? What is the name of the girl training me, again? Do I have to tell anyone I am going to the bathroom? And for pete’s sake, will someone please tell me when pay day is??

Although today was filled with typical first-day jitters, I must admit, it went fairly well. They gave me a brand new LED Samsung computer monitor, a really comfy office chair, tissues, post-its, and the best part, my very own business cards. Everyone is so far, extremely nice (and patient), and I am looking forward to the day where I walk into work and feel like I am among friends, rather than a room full of strangers. Ready for some random highlights of the day?

1. I only heard one phone ring all day. And I didn’t have to answer it. 

2. My very own business cards!

3. Today was one of my quiet days…

4. Fancy schmancy office chair.

5. Post-It notes and Kleenex… you’d be surprised at how hard some things can be to come by in some offices…

6. Air conditioning. It actually works so well, that one girl has actually set up a mini space heater by her desk…in the middle of summer. Looks like I finally get to wear some cute sweaters to work!




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