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RIP Percy =(

True story: Today at work, my new boss asked me if I missed working at the animal hospital at all. I told her I didn’t miss answering phones, cleaning up dog poop, or clients making me feel like shit. Although I did miss the clinic cat, I told her. It was fun having a cat hang out with me all day at work.
5:30 finally rolled around. I left work and checked my Facebook. Message received from Morgan; Percy’s not doing well. I think to myself, I should maybe stop by and see him. I decide I will stop by on Saturday. Get my plant, see Olivia, say goodbye to Percy.
8:00 comes. Morgan posts on Facebook that Percy is being euthanized tonight. It’s too late to say goodbye.
So here it is: Thank you Percy for always making me laugh when we taped collars to your tail and you chased it around in circles. Thank you for keeping me company not only for the two weeks Olivia was on her cruise, but for the two years I spent “living” with you at Christensen. And I know I pissed you off a lot by touching your belly and playing with your feet, but it was all out of love; you knew that, right? And although I never told you, I secretly loved it when you would lie across the chart I was in the middle of writing in, even though the desk was literally scattered with plenty of other perfectly good charts. You were the best paper weight a girl could ask for. Thanks for the cheap entertainment, the little annoyances I came to love, and the great company. You will be missed. This one’s for you, Percival.

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  1. August 17, 2011 at 9:08 pm

    So sad… what was the reasoning behind the euthanization?

    • August 18, 2011 at 2:27 am

      He had really bad asthma and wasn’t responding well to his medication. It got so bad, he could hardly breathe 😦

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