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What I’m up to…..

I’m now going on my third week of the new job. Between working 9-5 and serving tables on the weekends, tomorrow will be my 10th straight day of work. The sad part is, I don’t get a break until Labor Day! I’ve definitely been keeping myself busy, and I feel like my poor blog has been being neglected. So let me show you all what I’ve been up to at work… please read, enjoy, and leave comments!

Classroom Inspired Jewelry: I wrote this blog last week It highlights some pretty neat craft projects to help get teachers and students back in the mood for school.
Unique Gazpacho Recipes: Another blog I wrote last week about some tasty variations on the classic chilled tomato-based soup.
Easy Summer Desserts: No-Bake Pies: Check out some of these great recipes for no-bake pies– the perfect summer dessert!
15 Free Knitting Scarves Patterns and More: Some pretty little knitting patterns for all you knit-wits out there.

Well, there you have it, folks. Just a little sampling of what my days consist of at the new job. Training lasts for 3 months, and ultimately, I will be in charge of my very own website… cake decorating! I’m looking forward to exploring what there is out there besides Duff Goldman and Charm City Cakes 🙂 If any of you know of any good cake blogs, please send them my way!

I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite quotes of the moment…


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