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Taking Time to Smell the Roses

A few weeks ago, I discovered a sweet little spot in Evanston. It’s called Merrick Park, and it has the most beautiful rose garden I’ve ever seen in my life. For some reason, I felt like I was in England… I think maybe the landscaping made me feel regal..?
Anyway, in 1974 it was awarded the Public Rose Garden Award by the All-America Rose Selections for “contributing to the public interest in rose growing through its efforts to maintaining an outstanding public rose garden.” Pretty neat, huh? I thought so. What I would like to know is… how was I born a mere 5 minutes away at Evanston Hospital in 1986, lived in Wilmette my entire life,  and I am just NOW learning of this gorgeous place?! My friend Chase and I discovered it after work one night and this pretty much sums up how we both felt about our discovery:

Today I went back for round two to visit during the day. In my opinion, these pictures really don’t really do the park justice, but you’ll get the idea. Take a look and tell me you couldn’t spend all day here! Just give me a blanket and a magazine and I’m all set. Now I just need a day off….

  1. Mark Hetrick
    September 2, 2011 at 3:18 am

    I need to be shown this… I am ALL for this kind of stuff!

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