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What keeps me going. And going, and going…

I’m exhausted. I worked all weekend and will be back at it before I know it. Not much of an exciting post today, but I hadn’t posted in a few days and I felt bad for neglecting my blog. I’m dedicating this post to the things that will get me through the week:

my drug of choice.

red red wine, you make me feel so fine.

"L'eggo my eggo!" Typical breakfast on the go.

Fall TV returns this week. "Two and a Half Men," "Modern Family," "Grey's Anatomy"... most of my favorites are back (I'm still mourning the cancellation of "Brothers & Sisters" and "The Chicago Code," but I'll live). I'm looking forward to a new season of laughter & drama!

I've still got this little munchkin keeping me company at home for the next three days 🙂

Knowing that I have these shoes waiting for me at home also will somehow make my days a little bit easier to get through 🙂 They retailed for $245, and I found them in black over the weekend at the Rack for only $35. Yep, that's 85% off. I was left with no choice... it's simply impossible for me to pass on such an incredible LAMB sale.

Have a great week, everyone!

Hate to break it to you, Monday, but it's true!

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