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High on Fun with Harajuku Mini

October 21, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged, that I almost forgot my login info! Good thing I remembered though, because I’ve got some good stuff to share…

Get ready to take a sneak peek at what is being called the most-anticipated Target collaboration since Missoni. Seriously. Gwen Stefani’s latest fashion project hits Target shelves on November 13 and people are already buzzing about it. The collection is being described as “high on fun, with ballerina-style tutus, polka dots and fuzzy hoodies complete with animal ears.” The clothes incorporate a bit of Japanese influence with of course, a bit of rock ‘n’ roll. In true Stefani fashion, there will be plenty of zippers, skinny jeans, and plaid, all of which lend itself to a punk-style aesthetic that is not often found in kids clothes, especially at these prices. Pieces will range from $3.99 to $29.99.

Now if only I had a kid to play dress up with…. Mazzy, Sanibel and Ava, y’all better get ready!



Missoni Madness

September 14, 2011 1 comment

Legendary Italian fashion house Missoni brought their eclectic and colorful patterns to Target today in the form of sweaters, scarves, totes, shoes, and pillows, just to name a few pieces. The entire 400-item Missoni for Target collection, the chain’s biggest limited-designer collection to date, was intended to be featured at 1,762 Target stores in the U.S. and online from September 13  through Oct. 22.

Turns out, shoppers today were met with what Target is calling “unprecedented” demand. By the time I hit up my local Target store on my lunch hour today, I was shocked to learn that the entire line was gone already. Yes, gone. Sold out. Snatched up by eager shoppers that waited in line outside before the store even opened at 8 am.

“There might be a few shoes left, if you’re lucky,” I heard an employee tell some other ladies. Naturally, I bee-lined to the shoe department to find this cute little pair of shoes sitting alone on the shelf…and they just happened to be my size 🙂

As I walked around the store with my precious Missoni find safely under my arm, I watched as fellow shoppers aimlessly wandered around with their jaws open, chatting on their phones in disbelief that the entire line was already sold out. Employees compared it to Black Friday. Even the website crashed: “Woof! We are suddenly extremely popular. You may not be able to access our site momentarily due to unusually high traffic. Please stay here and we’ll try to get you in as soon as we can!” the site said all day.

Although I’m disappointed I wasn’t able to get some most of the items on my Missoni wish list, I feel lucky to have at least scored my suede shoes and this cute little cereal bowl:

Items have naturally already hit eBay… I’m going to attempt to resist the urge to buy anything else, although I was really hoping to score a Missoni candle, scarf, makeup bag, and throw. Check out my Missoni wish list below:

//wish list//

So…what do you think of the Missoni for Target collection? Was it worth all the madness? Were you able to get your hands on any Missoni today? 

>>1-2, 3-4

L.A.M.B. Spring 2012

September 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Well folks, here they are…. some of my favorite looks from today’s L.A.M.B. show in NYC. I know you’ve all been anxiously awaiting to see what Gwen came up with for her spring 2012 collection…. or maybe that was just me? Yeah, that sounds more like it. Indulge me and enjoy my review of the show 🙂
Although Gwen was not there, the collection did not disappoint. WWD tweeted that it was “a logistical nightmare trying to get into the L.A.M.B. presentation. Lots of lines forming every which way,” and this is how USA Today Style described the incredible atmosphere: “L.A.M.B. presentation is like going to the club: long line, thumping music, hot girls, getting stepped on, “bouncers” and crazy dark.” One day, I will be there to experience this first-hand, just you wait and see….
Reviews have been fantastic so far and I can totally see why:

love that the show was dedicated to NYC today.

I want this black and white sweater so.freaking.bad.
and the yellow & white bucket bag!

and I love this tank….

and pretty much this entire outfit.

bright blue shoes? yes, please.

adorable dress!

there are those shoes again!

cute skirt.

cute outfit.

digging the chevron dress

OK, can we please just talk about those cerulean blue buckled platforms? No idea where I would wear them, but I’ve got about 8 months to figure it out. I also want those cute strappy black wedges. Gimme gimme.
As far as the clothes go, I am totally in love with all the black & white graphic patterns mixed with the bursts of bright colors. Gwen calls her inspiration for these two themes the “rat pack group” and “high voltage.” Oh yeah, and “Maharaja – an Indian inspiration – loosely weaves in and out.”
I think the models looked absolutely  gorgeous with their smokey eyes and high buns with the dark extensions woven throughout; they’ve been described as “Nubian warriors.” Love it and I love the entire collection. Guess this means I gotta hit the treadmill and start savin’ the dollars! I’m not sure I am going to be able to wait until this stuff hits the Rack!!

Which outfits are your favorites??


“Rat Pack going to India on the Soul Train”

September 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week kicked off on Friday and tomorrow, the ever-fabulous L.A.M.B. runway show is taking place tomorrow at 2:30 pm. From the bits of info that’s been leaked, the look for Spring 2012 looks and sounds amazing, and I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us! I would kill to go to the show (maybe someday!), although rumor has it that Gwen will actually not even be in attendance herself… something about staying in LA to work on a new No Doubt album or something… 😉

This is what we know about the show so far:

Can’t wait to see pics from the runway!!! Happy Fashion Weekend, everyone!

LAMB sale!

September 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Hautelook is having a LAMB sale today…. good thing I’m totally broke or else I would have probably been tempted to drop some serious dough on things I “don’t need.” Whatever that means….
Here are some of my favorites:

Which one is your favorite??



i want you all over me…

June 23, 2011 1 comment is having a sale on L.A.M.B….. plus there’s a promo code for $10 off. Dangerous website for this little lambie.

Just for fun….let’s have another poll: which one is your favorite??


summer solstice

Today marked the official first day of summer. For Chicago, that meant sunshine and 96% humidity. But in typical Chicago fashion, the weather changed in the blink of an eye and before we knew it, rain was pouring down on us and winds were blowing at 80 mph, leaving many without power and extensive tree damage.

Nordstrom’s June 2011 catalog arrived in the mail just the other day, and I refuse to let Mother Nature’s incessant rain bring me down. Summer, please hurry up and get here so I can wear some of these cute clothes I am drooling over. In honor of the summer solstice, enjoy some of my favorite images from the catalog as we all await those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. 

source: Nordstrom catalog, June 2011

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