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Halloween @ Prime Publishing

November 1, 2011 Leave a comment

The editorial team had some fun at work today! Take a look at all of our adorable costumes. I think it’s safe to say that we were in a candy coma for pretty much the entire day. I love my job 🙂

me: Morton salt girl
Sarah S. –  “Marge from the Midwest”
Rachel – Holy cow
Christine – a punk rocker
Julia – Justin Beiber
Caitlin – Martha Stewart in Martha Stewart’s Halloween costume this year – Motha Stewart (Martha as a Moth) icon smile Happy Halloween from RecipeLion! Whats Your Favorite Editor Dressed As?
Maggie – a leopard
Sarah K. – Angela from The Office
Kari – Black Swan
Kirsten – Robin Sparkles (80s girl)
Blair – a witch
Simone – a Black-eyed Pea
Kelly – devil in the blue dress

next up…. Thanksgiving!

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RIP Percy =(

August 12, 2011 2 comments

True story: Today at work, my new boss asked me if I missed working at the animal hospital at all. I told her I didn’t miss answering phones, cleaning up dog poop, or clients making me feel like shit. Although I did miss the clinic cat, I told her. It was fun having a cat hang out with me all day at work.
5:30 finally rolled around. I left work and checked my Facebook. Message received from Morgan; Percy’s not doing well. I think to myself, I should maybe stop by and see him. I decide I will stop by on Saturday. Get my plant, see Olivia, say goodbye to Percy.
8:00 comes. Morgan posts on Facebook that Percy is being euthanized tonight. It’s too late to say goodbye.
So here it is: Thank you Percy for always making me laugh when we taped collars to your tail and you chased it around in circles. Thank you for keeping me company not only for the two weeks Olivia was on her cruise, but for the two years I spent “living” with you at Christensen. And I know I pissed you off a lot by touching your belly and playing with your feet, but it was all out of love; you knew that, right? And although I never told you, I secretly loved it when you would lie across the chart I was in the middle of writing in, even though the desk was literally scattered with plenty of other perfectly good charts. You were the best paper weight a girl could ask for. Thanks for the cheap entertainment, the little annoyances I came to love, and the great company. You will be missed. This one’s for you, Percival.

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word for the week: awesome.

August 9, 2011 Leave a comment

Today began my second week of training at the new job. This week, my training focuses on blogging; interesting enough, we use WordPress as our blogging platform! It felt good to be able to say “yes, I’ve worked with WordPress before, and I am familiar with blogging.”

It really just felt awesome to get paid to blog. I know I still have a long career ahead of me and I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know that right now, I feel so lucky to finally be heading in the right direction.

(*please ignore the typo in the above picture. It was just too cute to pass up)

credits>>same place, why not you, cummings, conan, you’re awesome

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monday, monday

August 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Well, like always, the weekend went by way too fast. I spent the weekend in Wisconsin with some friends…it’s always nice to get away, even if it’s just for 24 hours. Highlights: shopped at Piggly Wiggly, enjoyed the gorgeous weather, and drank until 3 am. A good time was definitely had by all.

I returned home tonight only for reality to quickly sink back in and remind me that yes, tomorrow is once again Monday. Have a great week, everyone! Only 5 more days until the weekend 🙂

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jenny b, newbie.

August 2, 2011 Leave a comment

They always say the first day is the hardest… and they were right. Today was pretty much jam-packed with information overload, whirlwind introductions, and over-analyzing pretty much, well, everything. Am I taking enough notes? Am I over dressed? What is the name of the girl training me, again? Do I have to tell anyone I am going to the bathroom? And for pete’s sake, will someone please tell me when pay day is??

Although today was filled with typical first-day jitters, I must admit, it went fairly well. They gave me a brand new LED Samsung computer monitor, a really comfy office chair, tissues, post-its, and the best part, my very own business cards. Everyone is so far, extremely nice (and patient), and I am looking forward to the day where I walk into work and feel like I am among friends, rather than a room full of strangers. Ready for some random highlights of the day?

1. I only heard one phone ring all day. And I didn’t have to answer it. 

2. My very own business cards!

3. Today was one of my quiet days…

4. Fancy schmancy office chair.

5. Post-It notes and Kleenex… you’d be surprised at how hard some things can be to come by in some offices…

6. Air conditioning. It actually works so well, that one girl has actually set up a mini space heater by her desk…in the middle of summer. Looks like I finally get to wear some cute sweaters to work!




my new cube!

On Monday, I start my new job, thus marking my official entrance into the modern American workforce. I will work 9-5 Monday through Friday, have my own business cards, and will even have my very own cubicle. Exciting, isn’t it? Yes, cubicles are all pretty uniform and boring, but they also allow for privacy and personalization. Believe it or not, I am actually looking forward to having, and creating, my very own nook of personal expression. Just some food for thought for my new little cube…

1. white maze calculator. Fun, functional, and stylish… 😉

2. Lilly Pulitzer highlighters. I would be a highlighting fool with these pretty little things.

3. rubber band ball. Because they’re practical & fun.

4. Gene Meyer Striped Card Case. I am going to need something to keep my business cards in!

5. Light bulb post-its.  For saving and recording all my brilliant ideas 🙂

6. Pozer’s Note Holder. Something tells me this little guy would take excellent care of my favorite pen and all my important notes…

7. Potted Grass. Just a little something green to perk things up a bit!

8. bling-bling USB drive. Who knew a technology gadget could be so glamorous!

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raindrops on roses

Today’s weather provided Chicago with so much rain, it actually broke records; it officially made this July the wettest in the city’s history. Rain totals for the month have already reached 9.75 inches, surpassing the previous record of 9.56 inches in July 1989, according to the Chicago Tribune. With rain expected to continue, forecasters are predicting we might even hit 10 inches by the month’s end. By the looks of it, we might as well make the most of mother nature’s deluge.

1. embrace it, be cute, and have fun.

2. or, just curl up in bed and get cozy.

3. be silly. draw a picture on the condensation.

4. make it a movie day. can’t go wrong with a little noah & allie 🙂

5. get crafty… it always makes me feel good to create something with my own two hands.

6. tip-toe through the rain… a girl’s gotta protect her shoes!

stay dry, my friends!! xo

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