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Happy New Year!

September 30, 2011 1 comment

Happy New Year to all my Jewish friends! Last night, I joined in the festivities and ate my very first Rosh Hashanah dinner. And. I. loved. it.
Granted, I’m pretty sure it was not the most religious dinner that was taking place among the Jewish community last night, but it was a celebration nonetheless, and a very good reason for Mark & Brett to have a dinner party. There was homemade cider, sinfully good cheese, crayons on the table for doodling, and plenty of wine.
All of the food was beyond yummy and the hosts were amazing. Thank you, Mark & Brett, for a fabulous Rosh Hashana. Here’s to a new year and great friends!

(Below: some of Mark’s pictures from Facebook…)

Did I mention we shellac’d my nails too and put them under UV lights?? That was pretty awesome. Only on Southport 🙂