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Sparkle Party!

December 29, 2011 Leave a comment

Well my long-lost blogger friends, this Saturday is NYE. In typical Jenny fashion, I will be working a double. That’s just fantastic, isn’t it? There are actually two things that make that not the end of the world. One: I am off work Monday, so I still will technically have two full days to do nothing/recover, (whatever you want to call it). And two: I should be first-cut Saturday night, which means (theoretically) I can get outta there early and make my way downtown to a SpArKLe ParTy!! Oh, and please excuse my immature font choice, I simply couldn’t help myself.

A good chunk of my evening tonight has been spent planning my sparkle outfit.

Do I go with a black sparkle blazer?

Or an all-over gold sequin top?

One thing I know for sure: I’ll have glitter nails. But of course, that’s not an easy decision, either:

Ah… decisions, decisions 🙂
Where will YOU be this new year’s eve?? Going out or staying in? Whatever it may be, I wish you an evening of good fun, good friends, and good champagne!

Oh, and comments/suggestions/opinions are welcome on any of the aforementioned dilemmas 😉

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